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Fans will have a remarkable involvement with Super Bowl 50 due to the capacity to utilize their cell phones and other gadgets without, ideally, any glitches. VenueNext made another application only for the defining moment that offers a large portion of an indistinguishable elements from the standard Levi’s Stadium application it made. The main things missing from the Super Bowl application are the capacity to have sustenance conveyed specifically to seats, portable ticketing and fan unwavering programs. Things included incorporate a VIP cam live bolster, express pickup of stock at the 49ers group store, and Super Bowl advertisements being accessible to watch directly after they air. Other standard things on the application incorporate video replays, checking hold up times at close-by restrooms, and express requesting of nourishment and beverages.


“It’s a super one of a kind application,” said Doug Lodder, senior VP of business improvement for Boingo Wireless. “For the most part due to the concession component. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi is entirely consistent. Supported by Comcast. You discover the Comcast ID, and you’re associated. No hindrances, anything. What they will involvement on the positive side is a powerful framework since it’s another stadium.”

Security can be an issue. “On the off chance that I needed to nitpick a bit, I’d say not having a protected Wi-Fi system is likely something you will begin to see more about. We’ve begun to hear inquiries concerning a completely open Wi-Fi connect without any terms and conditions to acknowledge and no security key to punch in. It’s winding up plainly to a greater extent a worry, so how would we battle it? We would prefer not to make it more hard to associate, yet we need everybody to be secure and safe when they’re on the system,” Lodder said.

In spite of the potential security chance, Lodder said that he supposes Super Bowl 50 “will be remarkable.”

“Having experienced childhood in the Bay Area, and having been to Levi’s Stadium myself, what they’ve created there is a model for what everybody ought to search for. It’s a mind boggling knowledge for fans and it will continue going from that point too. What they’ve worked as an establishment is the thing that in 3 to 5 years that different stadiums will do.”


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