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Harris Communications excitement about new launch

Harris Communications is excited about the launch of their latest line of cell phone antenna repeater boosters that are in full compliance with the FCC’s with recently implemented regulations designed to reduce interference with wireless networks. The new FCC regulations were implemented and designed to reduce interference that occurs with key networks and can at times interrupt 911 calls. Harris Communications’ new technology of cell phone repeater booster can eliminate interference without any effect on wireless customers of the major carriers, all of whom have agreed to meet the new upcoming requirements. Harris Communications’ latest line of cellular phone repeaters are specifically designed to enable users to take full advantage of Harris’ latest technology in order to meet the requirements of the new FCC regulations that are scheduled to take effect March 1, 2014.

Harris Communications’ cell phone signal amplifier

Harris Communications’ new line of cell phone antenna repeaters equipment amplifies signals from cellular towers and repeats them within particular ranges, providing users with remote connections to cell phone networks. Harris Communications handles all aspects of implementing their new line of cell phone amplifier equipment from site survey to design and installation. Harris Communications specializes in designing “Neutral Host” distributed Yagi antenna services (DAS), and Harris Communications new line will be fully compatible with all of the FCC required equipment for every one of the major carriers, resulting in fewer dropped calls as well as reduced interference. Harris’ booster units find the best signal at the location and amplify it for the immediate area, providing strong multiband signals for cellular devices within their effective radius. The company prides itself on its individualized turnkey design and installation services to meet clients’ particular needs while providing foresight into future equipment necessities. Harris has been providing unfailing bi directional amplifiers and in-building wireless resolutions for more than a ten years, successfully servicing consumers, businesses, hospitals, universities, and other institutions.  The company’s specialty product lines include cell phone antenna repeaters for home and office , cellular and wireless repeaters for cell phones, bi-directional antennas, and bi-directional amplifiers.

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