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Cell phone signal booster for 3G and 4G

It is not a false fact to say that cell phone is the hottest thing around in the market from the last two decades and everyone has his own cell phone nowadays. Whether the person is standing, travelling, working at office, passing time at home or doing anything else, he needs cell phone as a

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Frustrated of Poor Signal Reception Indoors? Get it Fixed in Style!

If you are one of those people, who have lost a lot of opportunities or relationships or many other important things in life, just because of a call drop or out of reach cell phone because of poor cell phone signal reception in your house, then you might be very angry. Your anger would have

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Adverse Effects of Poor Signal Reception on Cell Phones

It is believed that cell phones are very famous gadgets all over the world and very much demanded everywhere too. But it is also believed that more than half of cell phone users are very much tired of the service they are getting from their cell phones. They complain of poor signals reception and dropped

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Materials Obstructing Cell Phone Signal Reception

“Can you hear me?” this word would have come out of your mouth a thousand times or more. This sentence is one very hurting sentence to the listener and to the speaker as well. However, the need of this sentence arises because of poor signal reception in the place you are. A cell phone amplifier

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