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JC900 Projects

JC900, As a star model for Jimi Electronic, JC600 ( Car Rearview Mirror ) has enjoyed a high popularity since its launch. To cater for different niches in a variety of different national markets, Jimi today announces its brother model, JC900 rearview mirror.

Similar to its previous generation, JC900 can take input from a separate camera mounted on the rear of the car, which serves as a live rear view for the driver when the car is in reverse. It also ties to a forward-facing camera that works as an incident recorder in case of any crash. What makes it different is the additional inward-facing camera, acting as a witness on what happen in the car, and for driver recognition as well.

Previous version JC600 projects a 5-inch IPS screen at the right hand side. In the new case, JC900 moves the screen to the left side so as to meet different habits around the globe.

More intriguing feature is that Jimi rear-view mirror runs latest Android system, hosting a variety of useful apps for driving and entertainment. Its Google map navigation software always transmits turn-by-turn route guidance to drivers.

As usual, Jimi’s rear view mirror can work as a clip-on device, covering the existing mirror, or a complete rear-view mirror replacement for car. In either case, the device draws power from a wired 12-volt connection to the car. JC900’s low power protection mechanism would prevent the battery from being dragged out when power is too low.
Google map navigation
Supported by 3G network, JC900 is available for Google map.

1080P full HD camera
JC900 ensures flawless 1080P recording quality.

Glare management
Special designed anti-glare glass protects the driver and improves reaction time, making driving at night safer and more comfortable.

Car battery low protection
When car battery is running low, the mirror will cut off connection to the car battery automatically.

Bluetooth hands-free
You have no need to fiddle around with your mobile phone when answer calls.

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