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Booster to Boost Cell Signalling

The key target of a cell phone signal booster is to transmute an existing cell signal that is found outside our house or workplace, amplify the signal and then podcast it to an area which has a weak or no signal. Typically a cell phone signal booster system consists of an external antenna, a signal boosting amplifier and an internal antenna, with cable connecting all of the components. For the system to work there should be an existing, stable signal to receive and amplify. Cell phone signal boosters generally do not create signal, they only amplify and transmit cell phone signal. Hence one must place an external antenna in a location where there is a stable signal for the cell phone booster to work effectively and efficiently. There are few cases where the amplifier and internal antenna would comprise into one unit like in Wilson Sleek Cradle Booster.

A consummate situation is when there is a super strong external antenna signal and the internal antenna is placed in the best location possible thus avoiding major obstacles for the signal to be transmitted to the entire area that needs coverage. Unfortunately, most of the times situations are not ideal, thus it becomes a necessity to choose a more stronger and powerful signal booster kit to compensate for the weak signal outside or inside.
The strength of the cell phone signal where one plans to mount the external antenna directly determines how large of an area one is able to cover inside the home or workplace. If the external signal is strong, one will be able to cover an area similar in size to the determined coverage area of the signal booster. If the external signal is weak, the inside coverage area will be much smaller than advertised thus demanding to move up to a stronger system to receive adequate coverage.
It is also very significant to understand the bars in our phone that helps to gauge how strong the signal is where we are going to place the external antenna. While there is no official standard for displaying cell phone signal with bars on a phone, and some phones have more or less than the traditional five bars. Thus the rule of thumb exists that each bar of signal is roughly 5 to 10 times the power of the previous bar. This is why it becomes prime for people with low signal strength, such as one or two bars, to consider opting a stronger cell phone signal booster than what is recommended for their coverage area.
Anyone who would want to gauge the actual outside can put their phone into field test mode. This actually helps in displaying the actual decibel reading of the current signal.

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