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Materials Obstructing Cell Phone Signal Reception

“Can you hear me?” this word would have come out of your mouth a
thousand times or more. This sentence is one very hurting sentence
to the listener and to the speaker as well. However, the need of this
sentence arises because of poor signal reception in the place you are. A
cell phone amplifier can help you in such case.

You might be very much shocked to know that some materials can
cause problem to the signals travelling to and fro to the cell phone. You
can’t blame your cell phone or the service provider company for the poor
signal reception experience. Some material lying somewhere in your
room or office might be obstructing the signals and making them weak.
These weak signals are thus not able to carry the burden of good quality

Aluminum, rebar and render are such things. You would be very much
familiar with aluminum, which is used in many buildings, houses and
offices. It can adversely affect your cell phone signal reception. It reflects
back the cell phone signals to the place from where they are coming.

Rebar can also be called reinforced steel and used in construction to
hold the concrete in compression. It kills the cell phone signals.

Render, also known as stucco, which is used for decorative purposes at
many places for walls and ceilings also hurts the signals and make them
weak. It can distort signals easily.

Several companies have come up with very revolutionary and helpful
products like cell phone signal repeaters or boosters which can boost
the weak signals that lose their strength somehow and make them
strong enough for holding good quality conversation.

Dead zones are created when there is a mass of signals which are very
weak. Cell phone repeater is very helpful in eliminating the dead zones.

Every dead zone can have better quality of conversation when a cell
phone signal amplifier is used.

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